Together We Are Strong!

Lyoness was established in 2003 and is now active in 46 countries with over 1,000 employees worldwide. Lyoness is a global and multi-sector Shopping Community for consumers as well as a Customer Loyalty Program for businesses that join Lyoness. With over 4.5 million Members receiving exclusive Shopping Benefits – like Cashback with every purchase as well as Shopping Points – shopping loyally with our Loyalty Merchants is what makes Lyoness so successful!


How does Lyoness work? It’s quite simple: Lyoness offers an unbeatable network of companies; small and medium sized enterprises locally plus online Loyalty Merchantswhich enables beneficial shopping in every sector around the world, allowing Members to use the Lyoness Membership Cashback Card to receive Cashback and collect appealing Shopping Points at over 47,000 Loyalty Merchants and over 250,000 Cashback Points.




Corporate responsibility is key to Lyoness. For this reason two charitable foundations were established and have been an integral part of the company. These foundations automatically receive support through every purchase made by Members with Lyoness Loyalty Merchants.

Since 2008, thanks to the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation along with Members and Loyalty Merchants, children and families in need have been benefiting in the area of education. In 2011, a second foundation was established, the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation which helps promote sustainable global environmental protection, carrying out innovative climate protection projects and investing in the use of renewable energies.


lyoness tv



Immerse yourself in the audio visual world of Lyoness! Since 2012, Lyoness has offered information and entertainment – (“Infotainment” for short) – via the Lyoness.TV web channel. With broadcasts lasting approximately 20 minutes, hosted by Khadra Sufi (“ZOOM”) and Chris Brow (“InLife”) alternating every week and presenting everything related to Lyoness, shopping and the economy. You can also find interesting videos regarding projects conducted by the Lyoness foundations.

lyoness store



In the Lyoness Merchandising Store you’ll find an array of products ranging from t-shirts and polo shirts, to office items such as laptop bags and USB drives, and even coffee machines with the Lyoness design. Browse through our wide selection of products and collect Cashback and Shopping Points with every purchase!

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