Together We Are Strong!

Lyoness is an independent international company dedicated to creating stronger communities through loyalty shopping. When you shop with Lyoness and other members of your community, you not only earn an immediate cashback reward, but also reinvest in the community for future growth. However, Lyoness is about more than shopping. It’s about your community and the power it has when individuals shop together. That’s why the Lyoness philosophy is: Together we are strong!

Lyoness USA Together We are StrongTOGETHER WE ARE STRONG… as a community.  As a community, our shopping and savings can benefit our families, schools, and children.  The Lyoness Child and Family Foundation is the heart of our company and our community helping us accomplish our mission of “preserving life through education”.

TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG… as a loyal buying power. There is no doubt that the individual shopper shapes the consumer landscape with every purchase – but imagine the type of impact shoppers can have when they shop together. Retailers will seek them out, offering cashback and incentives on purchases we make every day!

TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG… as retailers. Lyoness gives local retailers and merchants the opportunity to be a part of the loyalty shopping community. Not only is Lyoness good for shoppers, but the merchants as well – giving them the ability to reward frequent shoppers and attract new customers.